Return to the Plaguelands

An Old Friend. An incoming distress signal has been discovered, originating from a mysterious location just beyond the broken wall in the Cosmodrome. Shaw Han has asked the Guardian to investigate this source. Rescue Shiro-4 and his fireteam before it's too late.

..// initiate protocol


Dormant SIVA Caches across the system are beginning to awaken from the Plaguelands, to the Exodus Black, and Europa. Contain the outbreak in the new 12-Player Seasonal Activity: “Containment Breach”, to quell the tide of the enemies of humanity as Caiatl’s Blue Legion and House Salvation march to claim SIVA for themselves.

Learn to wield SIVA through research with Ana Bray, and by collecting SIVA caches through Containment Breach.

Activate Sequence


you cannot escape

Enemies of humanity from all edges of the system have been exposed to SIVA. Face them on the battlefield in Containment Breach.

/Signal Received

... connecting ...


/downloading asset...

Establishing Connection

Eye of Another World Ornament - by 3-NX




chest piece
Requesting Access



With the return of SIVA, it's use as a tool to enhance technology returns with a fury. Wield new and returning weapons, and brandish new SIVA ornaments for your favorite weapons.


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