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What is Season of the Plague

Season of the Plague is a community event focused around SIVA, a story concept from the Rise of Iron expansion of Destiny 1. It was started by BlueJay who created “SIVA Nanite Combat Mods” as a portfolio entry to apply for an internship at Bungie, and first grew into a larger collaborative project for multiple creators to add to their portfolios. It then finally evolved into the community presence it has today.

What is Arripe Gladium?

Arripe Gladium directly translates to "Seize the Sword" in Latin. In our terms, Arripe Gladium is a group of talented individuals, artists, animators, and creators with one combined dream: Work at Bungie. If not Bungie, then the gaming industry at large.
In Arripe Gladium, we work collaboratively on large-scale projects that simulate a game industry environment. By the end of the projects, they are then perfectly packaged resume/portfolio entries for each and every one of us as we attempt to make our break in the industry.

How do I join the Plague Gang?

The “Plague Gang” is the original term we had for our team before calling ourselves Arripe Gladium came into the fold. Now, Plague Gang is just an overarching term for all members of the community who partake in a little SIVA.

Is this an official Bungie thing?

No. It is a fanmade project explicitly for the purpose of showcasing artists and talented creators.

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Season of the Plague is a fan made season of content and is not an official Bungie project.